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Manitoba Public Insurance is saying that they have about $16 million dollars kicking around that they want to give back to their customers in addition to the rebates that were already distributed. This $16 million dollars however is not going to find its way into everyone’s pockets.

This additional rebate is to ensure that all customers receive a rebate. When the larger rebate was announced, not everyone received what they expected to receive and some didn’t receive a rebate at all. MPI has acknowledged that their calculations for the previous rebate, were not calculated properly. That is where this additional rebate comes into play. Roughly 16,000 customers did not receive a refund as expected. Another 130,000 didn’t receive the proper amount.

“Generally we are talking about $16 million, overall, going out to close to 160,000 people,” she said. “An average of $100. But some people may get $10 to $20, some may be getting over a thousand.” said MPI’s President, Marilyn McLaren.

Due to the Public Utilities Board having to approve this additional rebate, the timing of the rebate is currently unknown.


Manitoba Public Insurance has been ordered to give 45% refunds to all policyholders from 2009/2010. This comes after an investigation into how much money MPI had in a reserve fund for the Personal Injury Protection Plan. When the Public Utilities Board looked into this reserve, they discovered that MPI had an extra $200 million more than is required. MPI was against the 45% refund but was forced to give it by the Public Utilities Board.For the average policyholder, the refund will be around $450 to $500 for every $1,000 of insurance premiums paid. The cheques will be mailed before the end of May.