This very simple question has turned into a huge debate among politicians in the past few days. The question is if Elizabeth May, the leader of the Canadian Green Party, be allowed to participate in the debate with the other major party leaders.

“I feel as though I’m absolutely in a state of shock,” May said on Tuesday night from Victoria, B.C. “It’s not what I expected. I thought we resolved this issue in the 2008 election campaign. A precedent was set and frankly Canadians were widely supportive of my inclusion in the debates.”

It was confirmed on Tuesday that Elizabeth May did not receive an invite to participate in the major national debate. News of May not being invited to the debate has sparked a social media uprising and even the leaders invited to the debate have said they would support her presence. NDP leader Jack Layton has said in the past that if May were to participate in debates that he would boycott the debate.

“If certain leaders are not invited to participate, I think it is reasonable for them to know why,” Layton said in a statement issued Tuesday. “While we do not have a vote at the consortium, we think it would benefit the process to have clear criteria so that this matter is dealt with fairly. We’re fine with her in the debate.”

Michael Ignatieff told reporters in Vancouver he believed May should be there.

“I think Elizabeth May belongs in the debate – it’s as simple as that,” Ignatieff said.