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Manitoba Public Insurance is saying that they have about $16 million dollars kicking around that they want to give back to their customers in addition to the rebates that were already distributed. This $16 million dollars however is not going to find its way into everyone’s pockets.

This additional rebate is to ensure that all customers receive a rebate. When the larger rebate was announced, not everyone received what they expected to receive and some didn’t receive a rebate at all. MPI has acknowledged that their calculations for the previous rebate, were not calculated properly. That is where this additional rebate comes into play. Roughly 16,000 customers did not receive a refund as expected. Another 130,000 didn’t receive the proper amount.

“Generally we are talking about $16 million, overall, going out to close to 160,000 people,” she said. “An average of $100. But some people may get $10 to $20, some may be getting over a thousand.” said MPI’s President, Marilyn McLaren.

Due to the Public Utilities Board having to approve this additional rebate, the timing of the rebate is currently unknown.


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The City of Winnipeg has been involved in some shady operations, however nothing has been this obvious to citizens.

WiseUp Winnipeg is alleging that the city is acting in ways that are tricking drivers into getting tickets in the radar zones. On Friday, WiseUp Winnipeg revealed that the city has been removing warning signs from medians where they had been placed to alert drivers of the upcoming radar intersection.

Todd Dube, spokesman for the group, charged that the removal of the signs from at least 32 medians — sometime since June 2009 — is clearly part of the city’s stepped-up attempts to claw revenue from drivers.

“We’ve tracked every median where they did have one, and they’ve been removed,” Dube told the Winnipeg Sun.

“To take them down just shows how dirty they are, and what they’re focused on,” he added. “It shows the cameras have nothing to do with safety, and everything to do with revenue.”

Dube is saying that the signs were removed after the “fiasco” with the construction zone cameras. This was clearly a loss of revenue. “With that construction zone thing and the program nose-diving revenue-wise, they’ve been working hard at strategies to maximize violations,” he explained.

The city is maintaining that signs that are considered to be non essential are not being maintained. Dube says that if the city is removing signs, it is obvious they are not focused on safety.

On Friday, members of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) voted in favor of a proposal given to the union by the city. “Eighty-five per cent of our members voted to accept our bargaining committee’s recommendation to accept the offer, so we’re very happy,” said Mike Davidson, CUPE Local 500 president. The approved contract is a 4 year deal that would have increases of benefits and salary over the term.