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Manitoba Public Insurance is saying that they have about $16 million dollars kicking around that they want to give back to their customers in addition to the rebates that were already distributed. This $16 million dollars however is not going to find its way into everyone’s pockets.

This additional rebate is to ensure that all customers receive a rebate. When the larger rebate was announced, not everyone received what they expected to receive and some didn’t receive a rebate at all. MPI has acknowledged that their calculations for the previous rebate, were not calculated properly. That is where this additional rebate comes into play. Roughly 16,000 customers did not receive a refund as expected. Another 130,000 didn’t receive the proper amount.

“Generally we are talking about $16 million, overall, going out to close to 160,000 people,” she said. “An average of $100. But some people may get $10 to $20, some may be getting over a thousand.” said MPI’s President, Marilyn McLaren.

Due to the Public Utilities Board having to approve this additional rebate, the timing of the rebate is currently unknown.


Stephen Harper was asked if he would make changes to the existing abortion and same sex laws should he gain control of the Commons. The Conservative leader said no. “We will govern on the platform we are elected on,” he told reporters during a campaign stop in the Niagara region. Just because Stephen Harper has said this does not mean that a Conservative MP could not or would not introduce a bill to change these laws but it does mean that Stephen Harper winning majority government would not use that as a mandate to change these laws.

Mr. Harper said the Tories would proceed to eliminate the gun registry if they win a majority because this is long-held party policy. “The position of the party is the position of the party,” he said. “The other subjects you brought up are not the positions of the party,” he said. “They’re not in the Conservative platform. I have no intention of opening up those issues.”

Canada legalized same-sex marriage under a former Liberal government.

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Harper government falls

After being the leader of the minority government, Stephen Harper lost the confidence of the House of Commons today in a vote of 156 to 145. The election is expected to be for May 2, 2011. Speaking to the media, Harper says “The vote today, which obviously disappoints me, will, I suspect, disappoint most Canadians,”. To some, this vote may come as a surprise but to others this is the beginning of moving forward. Over the past months, there has been controversy with the Harper government that has tainted the public view of the Conservative Party as well as Stephen Harper’s reputation.