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We need a logo!

We are looking for a logo for our blog. Be part of a new concept in Winnipeg! Submit your logo’s to We’ll feature them in a blog post and let the readers vote! We are also interested in themes for our blog, so if this is something you are knowledgeable in, please let us know!


Harper government falls

After being the leader of the minority government, Stephen Harper lost the confidence of the House of Commons today in a vote of 156 to 145. The election is expected to be for May 2, 2011. Speaking to the media, Harper says “The vote today, which obviously disappoints me, will, I suspect, disappoint most Canadians,”. To some, this vote may come as a surprise but to others this is the beginning of moving forward. Over the past months, there has been controversy with the Harper government that has tainted the public view of the Conservative Party as well as Stephen Harper’s reputation.


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