Today the Liberal Party leader Michael Ignatieff has announced a brand new education program that is designed to help high school students move into college or university. This program is called the “Canadian Learning Passport” and it offers $4,000 in grants to every high school student who chooses to go to university, college or CEGEP.

On top of this, $6,000 will be provided to high school students from low-income families in 4 disbursments of $1,500. The money will be available for every family, not just upper-middle-class families that already take advantage of the RESP. It replaces two non-refundable tax credits: the textbook credit and education tax credit.

It is great that education is finally a priority of a main stream party however we’d like to know how this would affect current University students across Canada. The elimination of the textbook credit and education tax credit could be detrimental to some University students.